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 Post subject: Transgender Thread
PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2017 11:48 am 
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Latest developments, theories, thoughts on my favorite thorny question.

The youngest patients receive no medical interventions, just counseling. Olson-Kennedy describes one 18-month-old, born a girl, who understood her gender before her grammar. “I a boy,” she repeatedly told her parents. Many young children who experiment with gender roles end up reverting to their birth gender.

But when the gender discomfort persists into adolescence, said Olson-Kennedy, it’s usually there to stay. And puberty, when secondary sex characteristics develop, can be a dangerous trigger.

“I’ve had mothers call me who say their child tries to kill themselves every time they have their period,” Olson-Kennedy said. “Parents come in saying, ‘My kid tried to cut off his penis with dental floss.’”

Olson-Kennedy’s first line of treatment for adolescents is stopping puberty so children and their parents can buy time to sort out what they want to do. Puberty blockers, GnRh agonists like the injectable Lupron[*] or the implant Supprelin, suppress puberty by modifying hormone release. Such drugs have been used off-label safely for more than 30 years to stop early puberty.

Trans doctors say it’s critical to stop puberty before the body morphs in ways that are difficult to change — the broadening of shoulders for men, for example, or the rounded hips of women. “Even 14 or 15 is too late,” said Dr. Norman Spack, an endocrinologist who founded the country’s first transgender youth clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital. ... ng-2016-12

[*Lupron is being used on autistic kids and it causes sterility among other things. It may have been used by eugenicists in the past: ... story.html ]

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 Post subject: Re: Transgender Thread
PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:26 am 

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The more I hear about puberty-delayers, the more skeptical I become. The linked article says that the drug lowers testosterone and so reduces aggressive behavior and masturbation in the autistic kids.

It appears clearer and clearer that there is some sort of hormonal attack on the human population, between birth control pills, puberty delayers and hormone replacement for trans people, testosterone boosters for men, estrogen mimicking soy, estrogen and hormone mimicking plastics and drugs which end up getting pissed into the water system and subsequently into our showers and tap water - it's hard to escape.

The fact that these supposed young trans people are trying to mutilate their bodies is a sign of something wrong. I can understand someone feeling they're a different gender and feeling out of place unless they're in that gender's clothes or hairstyle - but if a young child is trying to cut of his penis with dental floss, there is clearly something wrong.

It's total speculation, but it reminds me of the Yorkshire Occult article on the OC I think it was, that was related to Urania worship and men who think they're a third gender that is essentially female and attracted to males. Perhaps they're trying to create a world of this gender for their own pleasure/amusement. Or maybe all the plastics, hormone attacks, vaccines and other invasive and traumatizing experiences surrounding mainstream birth and infancy are just more or less accidentally turning the population sexually defunct.

I'm reminded of Jasun's comments on the Unspun podcast, where he says there has been a deliberate attack on our sexuality, to hijack it and manipulate us with it because sex drive is such a powerful force. Thought that was quite insightful - maybe they're destroying the populations sex drive so they're much easier to control. But at a certain point we must wonder what all this control is for? Or maybe they don't even know. They do what they do for the same reason we do what we do - it seems like the thing to do from where your standing.

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