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 Post subject: Absent & Abusive Fathers
PostPosted: Mon Dec 22, 2014 5:19 pm 
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See here: ... e-shining/

This study is cited in a problematic book about the wholesomeness of the patriarchy -gah! But it seems sound: it's developmental psychology, for one, not sociology, and it's Eriksonian, and he's a highly respected psychologist:

Influence of onset and type of paternal absence on the first four Eriksonian developmental crises.
By Santrock, John W.
Developmental Psychology, Vol 3(2, Pt.1), Sep 1970, 273-274.

Examined resolution of E. Erikson's 1st 4 developmental crises among 45 father-absent and father-present predominantly lower-class white 5th grade males by using a teacher rating sheet of basic trust, industry, guilt, shame, and inferiority. Father absence in the 0-2 yr. old period resulted in less basic trust than absence in the 3-5 yr. old period. However, greater industry resulted from absence during the 3-5 yr. than during the 0-2 yr. period. Father-absent 3-5 yr. olds were more industrious than father-absent 6-9 yr. olds, and father-absent 0-2 yr. olds showed more guilt and shame than father-absent 6-9 yr. olds and more inferiority than father-absent 3-5 yr. olds. "Erikson's contention that the development of basic trust in the child's early years serves as a foundation on which ensuing stages may build" was supported. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved) ... -20602-001

There are a ton of studies cited as an addendum to that book, if you want to look through them for yourself - just stay clear of the 1950's-60's sociological studies!

From this book: ... 0961086459

This author:

Here's a back-up study whose findings were reported in the Lancet:

"Children in Single Parent Homes and Emotional Problems". The Hilltop (Howard University). ... University

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:01 pm 
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I'm not sure this is the correct place for this post.. Since I'm not adressing the first one in this thread..

I read some account of your family life [by you?] That I don't remember..

And your parents were both "alcoholics"

So were mine. I think I wrote you a letter about it..

Deal is:My mom was a counselor for people with a drinking addiction, for forty years or more.. And I learned from her: usually you will not find two drinkers hook up.. She and my Dad did, since they both met in AA. Introduced by my grandmother, also a member.

One usually finds a drinker and an enabler, to make a couple..So I was told. And if, and when, the drinker side sobers, it breaks the relationship.. That's what I was told, anyway. .. I think there's a special genetic resonance to be born of two.. from both sides..

Also, the recounting my family history,, wherever I did that.. I think on the Auticulture blog..? has been a useful cathartic thing. ; a sorting out; a recognition. As you read there, both my Father and my Mother had absent and abusive-style Fathers..

Also, I'm studying this move "Interstellar" because the man who was in my class in high school, David, and who was also deep in my guru cult; wanted to talk about this movie.. He's just moved to Brooklyn recently and he took me to see it.. There some "absent Daddy" thingy in it.. It also , in other regards than the Absent Daddy motif, seems to parallel "2001"

Other thing I thought about your parents being 2 drinkers, after I read about your Dad's disability..

It makes sense that your Dad would self medicate, because of his condition.. And also,, In your case, the fact your Dad was wealthy. meant he didn't , absolutely , need to have to have an enabler as a wife.

I remember a joke the secretary to my Guru told:
to paraphrase broadly:
There was once a town.. The King went on vacation... He was away so long a rumor started.. "The King is Dead"

That is what happened to G-d.. The rumor started." ...

God / Father resonance; Some people could call G=d the original abusive Dad? And in Hinduism , in regard to the Creator God, it is somewhat true.. Brahma, the creator god, tried to have sex with his daughter, the DAWN, Aurora..on the first day of Creation, And that was the original sin.

According to the story, Shiva the Wild force of Nature, shot him, though he took the form of a stag and tried to escape - and this "arrow" created the arrow of Time. [cf. Stella Kramrisch "The Presence of Siva" ]

I hate to say it to a likely anti - feminist audience; but this next, below, was a great book! Influential in my life.

Beyond God the Father.

In my case, there were two drinkers also, but since they met while in recovery there was also no need for an enabler, though my Dad ended up marrying one later, a next wife [Mom was 4th wife].

momanddad640b.jpg [ 234.7 KiB | Viewed 97 times ]

Dad did not work on himself spiritually and psychologically,, but my mother did. .And that was the difference..

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